Upcoming Events: Book Release Event and Upcoming Book Release



Good Morning from Groovyland! I have some great news to share…”A Groovy Chef Cooks At Home:Psychedelic Bits and Bites From The Kitchen” will be having a release event at The Book Mouse (in Ottawa) in both May (a mini one) and in June (main event). Very excited about this. The mini one on May 18th will be highlighting “A Groovy Chef Cooks At Home” while the one on June 22nd will be the release event for “A Groovy Chef Cooks At Home” AND “A Groovy Chef Throws a Swankadelic Soiree” coming out at the end of April.

A second book you ask? YES!

In fact, I have several books in the works. Swank is the second book in the “A Groovy Chef Cooks” series and will be a light-hearted look at throwing a groovy get together. It will take you from the pre-planning stage all the way through full menu ideas.

Then, coming in early June (in time for the release party) is the third book in the series which will be part of a smaller break off series called “A Groovy Chef Cooks Gourmet” and it will a break down of various foods (Hor D’ouevres, desserts, seafood, poultry, meat, fruits and vegetables, Italian, French, pasta and rice,sauces and marinades, soups and sandwiches, global cooking).

“A Groovy Chef Cooks Gourmet” is going to take E-cookbooks to a new level by incorporating video feeds right into the book itself for easy click access(the paper copy will have the sights listed) making it an interactive book.

Finally, there has been a slight change to the availability (and cost) of “A Groovy Chef Cooks At Home.” The Kindle version is still available on Amazon for $2.99 but the paper copy is NOT. I made the choice to pull that from Amazon and make it an eStore only purchase. I also lowered the cost to $19.99 (shipping is $3.59) so when it arrives at The Book Mouse the pricing scale matches.

If you are interested in purchasing the book you can click here:




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